Laundromat Services in Minot, ND

If you are looking for laundromat services at a coin laundry in Minot, ND, come check out Off Broadway Laundromat. Our coin-operated laundromat is safe and clean and our washers and dryers are always ready to go. We want to help make your laundry day as stress-free and convenient as possible!

Our Coin Laundry Services

Like most laundromats, we offer washers and dryers that are coin-operated and also accept credit and debit cards (through the Pay Range app). We make sure that our washers and dryers are cleaned and serviced regularly. Because we keep all of our machines in good working order, you are less likely to have to wait for machines that are ready to use.

Because we want your experience to be convenient and make your laundry day a bit easier, we also offer the following amenities:

  • Multiple folding stations. There are few things in life that are as nice as fresh, clean laundry! Rather than shove everything back into a duffel bag and lose the fresh feeling, we provide our customers with  convenient folding tables to help keep your clothes nice and tidy until you get home.
  • Vending machines. We know that taking care of everything can be a challenge! If you forgot to grab your detergent or fabric softeners, or you’ve run out, there’s no need to worry. Our vending machines are fully stocked with laundry essentials along with a few tasty snacks and beverages too. There’s also an ATM available in case you need some cash.
  • Entertainment. A little entertainment can go a long way when you’re sitting and waiting for your laundry to finish. We think it helps to make the waiting time go faster and make your overall laundry experience a lot more pleasant, by providing televisions to watch, videogames to play, and free wi-fi.

Payment Options

  • Dollar coins and quarters (available on-site)
  • Credit/debit card payment through a phone app
  • ATM to get cash to change into coins

We Strive to Make Our Laundromat a Better Option

We understand that doing laundry can sometimes be a chore, but we want to help make the experience more pleasant for our customers. From our well-maintained and clean washers and dryers to our entertainment, we strive to make our laundromat a better option than the competition. With our clean facility and washers and dryers that are in good working order, you can be sure to have a better experience at Off Broadway Laundromat. Please contact us if there’s anything we can do to make your time at our laundromat even better!

If you live in Minot or are just visiting, you can count on Off Broadway Laundromat for all of your laundry needs!

Visit us today and enjoy laundry day for once!

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If your needs require a laundromat, it’s time to check out Off Broadway Laundromat in Minot. We want our customers to enjoy their time with us and feel safe while taking care of their laundry in a clean environment. Come check us out and experience a laundry day that is a bit more pleasant than you might expect.

Off Broadway Laundromat is located at 225 15th Avenue SW Minot, ND 58701, and you can also contact us at (701) 833-5362.